Here are some lovely comments from just a few of the many happy customers we have served over the years…

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I ordered the Pick Brush - Highly Efficient Boot & Shoe Cleaner. I like that the shoe brush cleans off dirt and debris effortlessly. The brush includes a built-in pick tool for hard to clean areas. I like the size and easy grip. Overall, the brush is versatile and is working better than expected and I would recommend.

Keppy Lopez

“Great quality”

This is a very durable shoe brush. The bristles are strong. I like how there is a metal pick on it to get in between your shoe sole tread. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold onto. Great quality. Great for all shoes.


“Handy little multi-tool”

Our new house has no grass yet so we're constantly battling the red clay mud. We take our shoes off by the door but even then they're still caked in mud, so this tool came in super handy. I like that it's an all-in-one so I can't lose it and the shaped handle is surprisingly ergonomic.

Niki McAlister

“Very handy! Sturdy bristles”

Definitely recommend this handy little tool for cleaning off shoes and boots. The pick on it is very useful and it’s surprisingly sturdy using it to brush firmly on soles and around the base of shoe. Impressed.


“Great Quality Brush”

I got this brush to have in our laundry room. We have a large mature tree which keeps about a quarter of the grass from growing decently back there. There’s a lot of mud and our shoes and boots are constantly getting caked in mud and filth. This brush is super well made, has a nice sturdy handle and super dense bristles. The bristles and the pick are extremely helpful for getting mud and debris out of the crevices of our shoes!!

Morgan DeRose

“Use it to clean hiking boots”

Much easier than just the brush alone, pulls mud out very nicely. Ergonomic handle works well to prevent exhaustion and pain.


“If you've got mud, you need this brush!”

All brushes are not created equal. I frequently hike in muddy conditions, which leave my boots and hiking shoes caked in mud. In the last six months our area has received far more rain than normal, which means a lot of mud. Even a trip to my compost pile in the garden results in my footgear being caked in mud.

Tom Bonner

“Great for cleaning sneakers”

The brush has nice sturdy bristles to clean the bottom of sneakers. My boyfriend wears his sneakers for work on a daily basis and they get pretty dirty. He uses the brush to keep the bottom edges cleaner.

Cam CB

“Perfect for cleaning those muddy shoes”

This clever cleaning tool is perfect for cleaning out the mud and debris from your shoes, no matter what you wear on your feet. The stiff brush is great for getting all the dust off the tops and the "pick" attached to the handle is great for digging out the caked in mud between your treads. It even has a little steel hook on the other end so you can hang it by the door, although you should use it over the sink or outside. It's versatile enough for other uses, but it is purpose designed for footwear, so let it do its thing. Very unique and well designed.

Jim B

“Removes surface dirt and the handy pick cleans tread and crevices”

I work in the construction field and this time of year I come home with muddy boots almost every day. This brush has done a pretty good job of getting the worst off my boots so I can at least bring them in the house overnight. The pick is shaped like a flathead screwdriver and is at a right angle to the handle and works well to get the mud out of the tread. It has an oblong eye at the back so it can be hung up. The handle is ergonomically shaped and fits well in my hand.

Kyle G

“Dog Poo Shoe Saver!”

I have 2 dogs and sometimes it rains and they obviously deposit a lot of mess in my backyard. My backyard is very small so if I don't pick it up everyday, the mess gets somewhat crowded back there. Sometimes I am unfortunate while cleaning and step right in it. I always have a toilet brush cleaner on hand in the backyard should something like that happen, but this little scrubber really goes the extra mile. If you have anyone who works in construction or gets their boots dirty for work, I would definitely buy this as a nice little thoughtful gift for them. The pick makes all the difference and the scrubhead has extremely strong bristles that get just about everything off of your shoe. It's washable and I just hang it in my backyard in case of any poo emergencies. I like the ergonomic hand hook I can use to hang it on, but that little metal pick… you can tell this was made by someone who often has dirty shoes. 5 stars!


“Unique! Gets The Job Done”

We have boot scrubbers mounted outside all three of our exterior doors, and while they work pretty well, there are times there is no way to get all of the junk off the bottom of your footwear (we live in the country). This brush is neat in that it has a steel tool attached to pick mud out of the cracks and crevices. The brush is very sturdy, and the bristles are very stiff and do a good job. This is a great addition to our boot scrubbers and I expect this to give many years of service.


“Works exactly as expected”

It's a boot brush with a pick attached. We’re using it for all kinds of things on the messy farm. The handle makes it easy to hold while also scrubbing.

Mom of 4 boys

“Firm bristles and extra features”

We got this boot brush to keep in our camper, which always has dirty shoes and boots in it. The bristles are firm and brush out the dirt
quite well.

The flat head screwdriver-like extension is handy to dig our deeper treads and hardened mud. The one end has a steel loop that’s handy for hanging.

I used it on several boots and really happy with the quality and ease of handling. Very nice brush.


“Serves its purpose fantastically!”

Strong bristles. Made very well. It’s a super strong and durable scrubber. It works great! The scraper fits in all the little places you normally can’t get clean enough. Gets your shoes looking brand new! Great shoe scrubber!


“Have this on the back porch”

We keep this on the back porch. After too many incidents of bringing the garden back into the home on our shoes, this is much needed!
You can get a good grip on this and the bristles will likely get the job done.
If you need to flip the tool over and get the metal tool involved, that option is there too.

Tom Bonner

“Sturdy and useful”

If you get muck in your boots, this is a must-have. The brush gets out every last bit and the pick is great for rocks and the deeper treads. Highly recommended.


“Works on horses hooves too”

I got this pick brush for cleaning my golf shoes, which fill up with grass and gunk after walking 18 holes, but then noticed from the tag that came attached that this was developed for picking and cleaning horses hooves from mud & "stuff". I tried it out on my horse and it truly does a great job on the hooves. It fits the hand very comfortably, but is made for use with the right hand, so lefties be aware. So now that the brush is in the tack box I'll be getting another one for my golf shoes.



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